Pricing System

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Banjos are priced starting with the Basic Tackhead model that sells for $200. Additional features are added on to the price of the Basic Tackhead.

Basic Tackhead $200 (Highly Recommended)

Short Scale ('A' Scale) $200

Dot Position Markers $20

Rounded Peghead $20

Boucher Style Neck $60

Boucher Style Peghead $40

Nylgut Strings $8

Shipping Cont. USA $25

Other Notes: Regarding neck wood... I always use maple. It is all nice wood and you can never tell what the look will be. Could be very straight grain, could be a little curly, could be spalted or ???

Regarding scale lengths... The basic model is 26-1/4". The 'A' scale model is 23".

Feel free to email me ( if you have any questions.